August 4, 2011
Bowers & Wilkins Debuts New Loudspeaker Technologies with the Compact PM1

All new compact hifi loudspeaker from Bowers & Wilkins. Features new technologies, including Carbon Braced Tweeter and Anti-Resonance Plug. High quality finish and unique new cabinet design

By Gary Reber

Bowers & Wilkins is proud to introduce the PM1, the most refined small speaker the company has ever created.
Compact and discreet, finished with wood side panels in Mocha Gloss and a matching floor stand, the PM1 is not only a superior sounding small speaker, it’s also one of the most elegant.
The PM1 features several key technological innovations, including a new tweeter design and a cabinet unlike anything previously constructed by Bowers & Wilkins.
Foremost among the new technology is the Carbon Braced Tweeter, featuring a high-quality aluminium dome strategically stiffened with a ring of filament-wound ultra-high modulus pitch-based carbon fibre. This new tweeter design offers exceptional resolution of delicate high frequencies.
The PM1’s main drive unit, made from specially treated woven Kevlar® material, features a new Anti-Resonance Plug: a mushroom-shaped device that reduces cone break-up, for a smoother, more refined sound, again raising the performance to a new level.
The construction of the cabinet is critical in any loudspeaker, but especially so in a compact monitor. Internally, the PM1 uses the Bowers & Wilkins Matrix™ bracing system for improved rigidity. This is a vital element in producing a large sound from a compact loudspeaker. The shape echoes the profile of the ‘head’ unit used on Bowers & Wilkins’ 800 Diamond speaker, which is famously used in Abbey Road studios, and improves image localisation.
Elsewhere, lessons learned in the development of the 800 Series Diamond have also influenced the design of the PM1. This is particularly the case with the use of Oxygen Free Copper terminals and Mundorf M-Cap Supreme capacitors, which combine to maintain the full clarity of the signal, and therefore the resulting performance.
The Bowers & Wilkins PM1’s remarkable high-end performance can be auditioned at selected Bowers & Wilkins specialist dealers. The RRP is $3,299/ pair.
The dedicated floor stand, FS-PM1, is a high quality stand designed to complement the styling of the PM1 and maximise performance. They have an RRP of $699/ pair.

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