September 14, 2012
“Finding Nemo 3D” Swims Into Theatres With Limited-Edition Movie Themed RealD 3D Glasses Exclusively At RealD 3D-Equipped Theatres

Nemo Themed Kids RealD 3D Glasses and Dory Themed Adult RealD 3D Glasses Available at Theatres in North America Beginning Friday, September 14th

RealD and Walt Disney Pictures are celebrating the release of “Finding Nemo 3D” with limited-edition, collectible Nemo themed kids RealD 3D glasses and Dory themed adult RealD 3D glasses, exclusively available at RealD 3D-equipped theatres in North America beginning September 14th while supplies last.

Nemo themed kids RealD 3D glasses will be available free of charge at participating theatres with the purchase of a kids ticket to see “Finding Nemo 3D” in RealD 3D. The orange, kids size RealD 3D glasses are recommended for children seven years of age and under and feature images of the adventurous Nemo in a bubbly underwater setting.

Visit for a list of theatres distributing Nemo themed kids RealD 3D glasses.

Dory themed adult RealD 3D glasses are blue and feature pictures of the big-hearted, forgetful fish Dory. They will be available free of charge at select participating theatres with the purchase of an adult ticket to see “Finding Nemo 3D” in a Premium Large Format (PLF) auditorium in RealD 3D. Participating theatre circuits include AMC (ETX), Carmike Cinemas (BigD), Cinemark (XD), Marcus Theatres (UltraScreen), Rave Cinemas (raveXtreme) and Regal (RPX) as well as the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

Visit for a list of PLF auditoriums distributing Dory themed adult RealD 3D glasses.

RealD 3D glasses are lightweight, recyclable and sealed in individual packaging to ensure they are sanitary and of high quality.

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